The Main Concept

Our perception is unique!

Take a look at the planet Earth and its solar system. We can say that Earth is the third rock from the sun. Or, we can look at our place in the universe from a different point of view and say: we’re a spaceship, a solar system with the leadership of the sun, and the Earth is our cooling system, the shield against Evil.

We are drilling through dark matter of the universe with the purpose to get the magic stuff out of it, so we can live everyday life in harmony and talent.

Life on the sun is going much faster!

The conflict between the opposite sides, the solution to that problem and harmony that follows, happens at the same time. As a consequence, the fast pace of life limits us in our personal experience.

So, a long time ago we invented the Earth, a playground where we can experience life in a more detailed environment and much slower.

Here, on Earth, we can make a choice and take a stand. We can fight against Evil, an explosion of the sun… a Solar flare, God, and Lucifer.