Lord Mantraya

Founder for the Worldwide Supreme Noble Court for Peace
Headmaster MIT: Mastermind Identity & Talent, the school of advanced business and diplomatic negotiations, the school for magic

Host & Producer at Master’s Tribune

The Gift of Time
Archangel Michael, Master Chief in heaven
Pleiadian ambassador for Peace on Earth
Vishnu Narayana in the book for RITZY Kalki Avatara”

The Chosen One

Divine way to educate and guide society into the future
University and ashram for a master

Lord Mantraya is a visionary freedom fighter, yogi, fencing coach and poet who was born September 1964 in Minsk, Belarus under giving name Nickolay Logatchov. He came to Earth from the sun as the Pleiadian ambassador, the “Master’s Tribune”, and brought with him into the world of men the new species that he calls RITZY.

Lord Mantraya studied under the divine guidance of Sri Aurobindo and Babaji.

After arrival to Denver, Colorado USA in 1998, together with Sharol Pestotnik, Lord Mantraya co-founded Colorado Fencing Academy and began his work on ZY energy.

During his stay in Denver, Lord Mantraya developed the new world religion, the Cold War against Evil. The central theme for the new faith is our collective-genius effort to overcome the infection of egoism and its fascist dominion; it is the new way to evaluate, redistribute and reinvest wealth in society… to keep peace between the families. The Cold War against Evil is OM, the Original religion of a Masterpiece; an adaptation and acceleration of a foreign tongue into a power plant, into a noble friendship.

In 2005 the first part of the book “Kalki Avatara” was published under the name “Kamayana” where Lord Mantraya revealed the future of our world and the new way to organize human society to defeat evil. As the essence of Veda, the book was written in the poetic Russian language and describes in detail Lucifer as a Solar flare, an extra of the sun.

Lord Mantraya believes that only through RITZY, as the new species on Earth, human society can be liberated from evil and enter into a bright, prosperous and divine future.

The Main Concept of the new faith is the perception of GOD. Delegated by the Society of Masters, Lord Mantraya presents GOD as Life for Society in Harmony where GOD can be experienced in time through proper organization.

The first step of the divine future on Earth is the world government, the Worldwide Supreme Noble Court for Peace. The second step is the new system to evaluate and redistribute public wealth, “Pay it forward.”

The world government of the future presents itself as a sport-like relationship orchestrated between four states of human society.

The first state is the Republic of Masters.

The second state, the Northern Imperia for Peace, will have the purpose to protect the Republic of Masters.

The third state is Life in Freedom or the well-being of the families.

The fourth is the University for GOD, the school of advanced business and diplomatic negotiations, the school for magic.

In order for the new form of government, the Worldwide Supreme Noble Court for Peace come to life, Lord Mantraya organized the “Master’s Tribune”, a political, religious and cultural standpoint where the gifted members of society, scientists and businessmen, successful organizations and countries can stand on high ground and reveal a unique opinion that can solve present conflicts and contradictions.

The World Bank, the true power to lead human society into the future has to be given into the Masters hands. To make that happen, the world needs to choose the High Executive for the Future, the Two Headed Eagle of the Northern Imperia for Peace.

RITZY… as the new species on Earth, will be the high executive, a unique administrative power, the force to win. RITZY is going to be the new world elite who will overcome evil resistance and obstacles on the way to prosperity and progress.