School for Magic

Magic is the exercise for a master, a chief, a leader, and an ambassador.
It is advanced training in the force to win.

We are one team whose “task to win” is time to be together.

We practice and refine the Cold War against Evil, the ability to do what is necessary to overcome struggle and prevent a blood feud.

The Worldwide Supreme Noble Court for Peace is our start line. It has a healthy, perpetual nature and realizes itself in a fencing atmosphere.

The fencing atmosphere is a sport-like and non-lethal competitive relationship between opposite sides of life. We recognize the basic duality of life as AC/DC and encourage our participants to practice a sense of polarity. This unique environment is a result of a collective-genius effort to provide noble conditions for life in harmony.

Life in harmony is the orchestrated, collective (5/3) genius effort to live well. It is the ability to go through resistance and obstacles on the way to prosperity and progress. Life in harmony provides stable conditions, supports and empowers the work of a genius.

Beauty from chaos, the masterpiece is volunteer nobility. It is a self-chosen task to create new forms of life and defend it quality against evil.

We work and refine the magic substance, the creative source.

Magic substance is like a golden string. It is pure consciousness, the All-Internet-mode. On one side, the creative source gives birth and connects the qualities of life together. On the other side, it protects life against the infection of egoism, against the disappearance in a limbo of blending mix and uncertainty.

That way of life towards a bright future is a perpetual state of mind. Being powered by a masterpiece performance, the mind brings forth the qualities of our nature.

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